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Mosquito Management

Mosquito Management

At least 61 distinct species of mosquitoes exist in South Carolina. The two wing insects whose name means “little fly” are closely related to flies like gnats and no-see-ums. Take the bite out of your outdoor living with our misting systems, barrier sprays, and traps. 

What You Can Expect

Trained Technicians

Our techs are licensed and trained to spray correctly. This minimizes damage to pollinators, limits drift spray, and pesticide run-off.

Botanical Products

We offer products that are environmentally friendly to use around ponds, boat docks, and pollinators.


Another weapon in our arsenal that breaks the breeding cycle and along with our barrier sprays takes the bite out of outdoor living.

Misting Systems

Misting systems install give daily protection using a botanical spray. Installed around the landscape, these systems automatically spray daily keeping the activity under control.