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Artisan Aftercare

Artisan Aftercare

Artisan Aftercare Program

"Our commitment grows beyond the planting"

At Artisan Landscapes, we understand the beauty of your landscaping investment should extend far beyond its initial installation. Introducing our Aftercare Program – a testament of our commitment to your satisfaction and the long-lasting health of your plants.  Our program consists of scheduled visits to assess the living material such as trees, shrubs, and grass during the crucial establishment phase. During these visits, we will modify your watering schedule throughout the 90 day warranty period and make seasonal adjustments as needed.  At the end of the program, we provide each client with the resources necessary for future continued care.

What You Can Expect

Irrigation Adjustments

Maintaining your water schedule for optimal plant and grass health.

Plant and Grass Guidelines

Educational resources on plant and grass maintenance.

Personalized Service

Dedicated team member to answer questions and address concerns during warranty period.