Artisan Landscapes


Expert Fencing Design & Installation

For safety and security look no further than our expert in-house design & installation team. Our fences provide beautiful form and lasting functionality around your home, pool,
or commercial property. 

Pool compliant fences are our specialty, and we take the guess work and costly mistakes out of the planning process by knowing the codes & regulations for the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas. Plus, we can work together navigating the ARB and HOA applications.
Custom fences that are designed to match your vision, whether it is to match an era, design style of your home or just an expression of character, we install with Artisan craftsmanship that will enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.

What You Can Expect


Creative design that matches our clients vision and goals for the space.

Material Selection

Material samples viewed by catalog, online, or in-person.


An expert team to prepare the area and install. Managed by a dedicated project manager.